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As specialists in leadership development and recruiting, we know that investing in an effective recruiting process is worth every bead of sweat! Make the right choices, deliver well, and the rewards start from Day 1...

We bring years of experience and success in recruiting and developing leadership talent.

When you get the right outcome with your senior appointments, the benefits are enormous.

They render the investment relatively minor.

And on the other hand, poor recruiting processes and inappropriate appointments come at a huge cost. an ineffective fit has long-term negative impacts. In a senior role there is a big ripple effect either way.

We will support your vital recruiting efforts with years of experience and success in leadership talent.

Because we’re leadership specialists, in  recruiting we focus on senior appointments, in particular for our regional clients.

Get in touch, and we will help you meet your recruiting objectives for these vital roles.

We understand what it takes to perform at senior levels

When you’re setting out to find the right person to suit your leadership and management roles, using a boutique leadership specialist is a better choice than a generalist recruiter.

Because we’re leadership specialists, we can help you define success right from the start.

Our expert candidate analysis is a vital part of the process. We provide testing that includes not only capability assessment but can also cover areas such as leadership /management style, emotional intelligence, strategic and systems thinking and cultural fit.

While we are positioned to support you by managing the entire recruiting process end to end, even if you’re using internal recruiting processes, there are steps along the way that we can help you with.

Executive search

Access our experience in seeking and attracting the best candidates for leadership and management roles.

Candidate Testing

We provide specialised candidate testing in areas like Emotional Intelligence, reslience, and leadership style.

Candidate Assessment

We help you fine-tune for the right selection criteria, and accurately assess candidates for the best fit.

The real cost of recruiting

When recruiting into key positions, the benefits of  using specialist support will help mitigate against the inevitable base costs of downtime, disruption and productivity loss during the transition.

It’s been estimated that when you factor in all the elements, the cost of a senior appointment can be up to 250% of salary.

This is way above any costs for outsourcing the recruiting support, and means you simply have to get it right, ideally first time.

These costs can include:

  • downtime while a role is vacant,
  • senior people being tied up in selection panels,
  • temporary disruption to information and activity flows,
  • initially low performance outputs during the onboarding phase,
  • possible impact on team culture, and so on.

With senior appointments, the positive or negative impact of the right or wrong appointment is multiplied because of the additional leverage of these roles, across the business and externally.

So it’s worth ensuring that your recruiting and selection processes result in being able to make a great appointment with people well fitted to the role and your culture.

It’s also vital that the process is efficient in terms of time and resources, and any likely lags are minimised.

Our recruitment services are purpose-designed to help you find the right people for your CEO, Exec and Management appointments.

Who we work with

NFPs & Community Sector

We have expertise in advising Community Sector and NFP Boards and Exec teams on strategy, leadership development for individuals and teams, and recruitment into top roles.

We strongly believe that the performance demands in this sector today are just as strong as those in the commercial environment.

Local Government

Over the past 20 years our Principal, Paul Murphy, has become a valued and trusted adviser to many Councils across regional Victoria and Melbourne.

As well as recruiting, we help with leadership performance assessment and development.


Our extensive experience includes providing expert consulting services that support the recruitment, development and retention of high-performing leaders and exec teams.


Maybe you?

We recognise that every organisation has unique strengths and challenges, so our service is tailored to your specific needs.

What our clients say

Paul, I wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ for the work you diligently undertook with our board and especially the sub-committee tasked with the CEO appraisal. I sincerely thank you for your professionalism and balanced views, together with a calm perspective. Your knowledge and insights in assisting the sub-committee with the appraisal and KPI process, were invaluable. Thank you once again!
Cr Mary Lalios Councillor
City of Whittlesea, Chair, Yarra Plenty Regional Library Board

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