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It's all about high-performance leadership at leaderly. Our icon symbolises leadership through wisdom, care and strength. Our recruiting approach involves a rigorous methodology that delivers quality candidates matched to your needs, while mitigating against the risk factors that come with recruiting into important roles.

Executive Search & Assessment

Springing out of Atwork Consulting, leaderly has arrived, to help you recruit and develop great performers for your CEO, Exec & Senior Management roles.
We focus this support for clients in the NFP / Community and Local Govt / Sectors. And we work with some NGOs.
Yes, that’s a lot of acronyms, but you know what we mean!

When you’re seeking new appointees into a leadership or management role, there’s a real benefit to using a leadership specialist. Our services at leaderly include:

  • Recruitment: of CEOs, Execs, Senior Managers;
  • Leadership Performance: Assessment & Development;
  • Strategy: support for Boards & CEOs/Exec teams.

Director & Principal Paul Murphy is a valued and trusted adviser to CEOs, Senior Executives, and Boards/Councils – with  successful experience in this environment over more than a few years!

Atwork Consulting was established back in 1999! In working with teams to facilitate their performance, Paul soon hit (or was it stumbled!) on an important finding – no matter how good the team is, if that team’s leader isn’t a great fit, fully delivering on their potential in an aligned, strategic and empowering approach, the team will never reach their performance potential either.

And so, after years of his own R&D, identifying the best in leadership frameworks, and building expertise and ultimately a level of credibility in the leadership space, leaderly was born.

Not just another consultant, Paul ‘gets’ life on the inside of high-performing organisations, having worked in Recruitment & Employment Advisory for Victoria’s major employer organisation, and as HR Manager within a large regional local government organisation.

We strongly feel that if organisational performance matters to you, leadership performance is vital. So, make sure you have the right leaders, in the right places, successfully engaged in the right approach to leading.

That’s how to experience high levels of performance, and to achieve success and satisfaction for you, your teams, and your clients.

Board Support

So we’re all about leadership, and as part of this we support Boards and Exec teams in their strategy efforts as well as recruiting. And while culture might eat strategy for breakfast, we never assume that great strategy isn’t important.

Great strategy is more important now than ever, with the pace of change and innovation / disruption requiring constant adjustment and, sometimes, transformation.

leaderly, and our original business Atwork Consulting, has expertise in advising  Boards (particularly Community Sector and NFP entities) in the areas of strategy, organisational structure/culture, and performance and leadership.

Our track record demonstrates the support we offer Boards/Chairs in working with their CEO and Exec teams to realise their business objectives.

Our service can also include helping you assess your Board structure and membership to meet its purpose.

Being leadership specialists, we’re ideally placed to assist clients with strategic advice and support in the quest for the acquisition & development of top talent.

Specialist Support

Our specialist consulting expertise sits within the Not-for-Profit, Community, Human Services, and Community sectors. With our Director’s background in local government, we also have an edge in ensuring our Council clients get the best in support with the vital work of leadership performance through our specialist approach to recruiting, assessing and developing leaders who will excel.

Our director has in excess of 20 years’ recruitment experience and has been acknowledged for his expertise over that time. As principal consultant, he has also worked extensively across our selected field providing clients with expert consulting services that support the recruitment, development and retention of great staff. 

We recognise that every organisation has unique strengths and challenges, so our service is tailored to your specific needs.

We partner with our clients to understand their recruitment and human capital needs, so that we can be highly effective support agents for them in addressing their individual strategic and organisational objectives.

As well as exceptional recruiting, we still provide consulting services, predominantly around advising on strategy, leadership performance, and organisational culture and change.

By fully understanding your strategy and aspirations, we can ensure you find the best solution every time, whether that’s through our recruiting or consulting support.


Recruiting Gigs

These are just some of the roles that we’ve successfully helped our clients fill with high-performing leaders.
Heading into 2020, we’re bringing a new focus to recruiting through leaderly.
Let us help you – our dedication to delivering a great outcome for you will be a pleasant surprise.

  • CEO – Women’s Health NFP
  • CEO – Centre Against Sexual Assault
  • Manager People & Performance – Local Government
  • Chief Operating Officer, Sales Executive - IT&C
  • Community Services Manager – Community Services NFP

Paul Murphy

Director & Principal

Paul is a highly experienced organisational performance adviser, coach, and facilitator who has worked in the field of ‘people and performance’ – including recruiting, leadership development, strategy and change management, for over 20 years.

Paul’s clients see him as a trusted advisor and an effective facilitator of organisational performance, who brings not only a committed and passionate approach, but also important knowledge and experience in organisational development and HR, backed up by practical capability regarding employment law.

Paul’s qualifications include:

  • Master of Education (Majors in Organisational Development & Change); University of Melbourne.
  • Graduate Diploma Education & Training (Vocational Education); University of Melbourne.
  • Bachelor of Arts (Social Science); Bendigo CAE.
  • Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD).

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